Our Beers

Choose one or more of the following superb ales:

Golden Blonde - American style ale: A beer gold in colour, smooth with a delicate fruitiness, a light malty aroma and a light hop flavour, alcohol 4.5% by volume. An easy drinking beer for any occasion, but then who needs an occasion?
Premium Bitter - English style ale:A beer medium copper in colour, with a malty body and medium fruitiness, balanced with a spicy bitterness. A real flavourful, yet refreshing beer, alcohol 4.5% by volume. An English style beer to be enjoyed together with your most serious friends.
Jolly Nun - Belgian style ale: A beer golden in colour with a rich aroma and taste, light hop flavour, handcrafted in the style of a Belgian Abbey beer; with addition of a pinch of lemon herbs to give a refreshing flavour. To be enjoyed slowly, alcohol 6.5% by volume. First prize at the 2011 Clarens craft beer festival.
Happy Monk - Belgian style ale: A beer amber in colour, with a rich malt aroma, complex interplay between malt, fruitiness and alcohol, low bitterness, alcohol 6.5% by volume. A true Monk beer made with a special Belgian yeast, to be enjoyed slowly in front of a roaring fire. Beer of the weekend Jenny Crwys-Williams show Talk Radio 702.
Raspberry Delight-Fruit beer: A reddish somewhat sweet fruit beer with a high raspberry fruitiness, balanced with a light bitterness. An elegant marriage of a beer and raspberries. A refreshing summer beer, alcohol 4.5% by volume.
Pickled Horse-Porter: An intense dark beer, with hints of chocolate in the aroma and lingering notes of coffee in the taste. Handcrafted in the style of a traditional Porter. A robust beer to be enjoyed at sunset, alcohol 5.0% by volume.