Beer and Food

De Garve ales are ideal for food and beer pairing. Each of our ales can be enjoyed with a different food.

  • Golden Blonde: A salad or a fish dish
  • Malt & Waltz: A German sausage or a curry or Thaifood
  • Premium Bitter: A pepper steak or Biltong
  • Jolly Nun: A pancake
  • Happy Monk: A chocolate brownie

Get a cheese platter and a selection of De Garve Beers.

  • Golden Blonde: Gouda
  • Premium Bitter: Cheddar
  • Jolly Nun: Brie
  • Happy Monk: Blue cheese

De Garve beers can also be used in the preparation of food.

  • Jolly Nun can be used in a pancake mix instead of milk.
  • Happy Monk will go well in a stew.

The above are only examples, use your imagination and go wild!